While my vocation for 40 years was in TV production, as a Lighting Director and stagehand, my true passion has always been still photography. Retired now - while still a young man, at heart - I have all the time I need to pursue the activities I love, and to spend much more time traveling.
     Over the last year I've had a number of my framed prints exhibited at galleries in Callicoon, NY; Livingston Manor, NY; Narrowsburg, NY; Minneapolis, MN and Plymouth, MA. In the past, I’ve also exhibited in Huntington, NY; Fairfield, IA; Minneapolis, MN and Poughkeepsie, NY.
     After living on Long Island for most of my life, I currently reside in Warwick, NY. My wife Sally and I formerly lived in a large housebarge, on the Great South Bay in Seaford, NY – afloat amidst a large, ever-changing, de facto wildlife preserve – until Hurricane Sandy left us high and dry. It’s been over four years now since our lives – and the lives of many others who once enjoyed a similar life lived literally on the water, both from our marina and a few others I know of – were affected by that immense storm; and it still pains me, at times, looking over the hundreds of photos I shot both before and afterwards. But time is slowly healing those wounds.

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